Dad the Family Shepherd

In the  second half of my last email, I asked you to look at this simulation 2 times

Before the next family session, download this onto a USB drive and at the session show this 10 minute simulation to your family 2 times and - as with the previous session - alert everyone before you show the clip each time to reflect on the two questions…

  • What caught your attention (or what did you like best)? and...
  • Why? (Why, that caught your attention?)

After the second viewing, have each family member (including yourself) answer the above two questions. You can take notes on the back of your guide. DTFS Guide.pdf

As with the previous session, everyone is learning something from the Bible (The Amazing Question), but now - besides you - everyone is also learning the pattern. This is important so that you are not alone in leading the time. Inform family members  that you have viewed this simulation twice and this is the simple pattern that the family will be using. As you approach the end of the session - like in the simulation - you can ask if anyone has a prayer request. 

Before you close in prayer,  ask if someone would like to be in charge of the praise song to start the next session. Take a selfie and close in prayer, remembering any requests given.  

Congratulations - after sending me the selfie of your family - you will then have finished the second Dad, The Family  Shepherd (DTFS) time together! You and others in your family will know what to do.

Although you will not need these clips until after the next session, you can go ahead and download them now. It has the content for the DTFS series from the Gospel of Luke.   Jesus film (JF) Clips  You may be curious to “surf” through and look at some. In fact you already looked at the first clip with your family.  The link has the clips in a certain order, but this can and will be varied based on Christian calendar dates and our desire to bring some clips earlier for timing. The next session will be an example of this. And...

Before we finish this training series, I will be showing you a suggested flow based on some additional tweaks to the pattern.


P.S. If others responded to your Email 2, forward this to them and have them send you the selfie. 

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