Dad the Family Shepherd

0. JESUS.English

1. The Beginning.English

2. Birth of Jesus.English

3. Childhood of Jesus.English

4. Baptism of Jesus by John.English

5. The Devil Tempts Jesus.English

6. Jesus Proclaims Fulfillment of the Scriptures.English

7. Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector.English

8. Miraculous Catch of Fish.English

9. Jairus’ Daughter Brought Back to Life.English

10. Disciples Chosen.English

11. Beatitudes.English

12. Sermon on the Mount.English

14. Sinful Woman Forgiven.English

15. Women Disciples.English

16. John the Baptist in Prison.English

17. Parable of the Sower and the Seed.English

18. Parable of the Lamp.English

19. Jesus Calms the Storm.English

20. Healing of the Demoniac.English

21. Jesus Feeds 5000.English

22. Peter Declares Jesus to be the Christ.English

23. The Transfiguration.English

24. Jesus Heals Boy from Evil Spirit.English

25. The Lord’s Prayer.English

26. Teaching About Prayer and Faith.English

27. Woe to Those Who Cause Others to Sin.English

29. Jesus Spends Time with Sinners.English

30. Healing on the Sabbath.English

31. Parable of the Good Samaritan.English

32. Healing of Bartimaeus.English

33. Jesus and Zaccheus.English

34. Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection.English

35. Jesus’s Triumphal Entry.English

36. Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem.English

37. Jesus Drives out Money Changers.English

38. Widow’s Offering.English

39. Annas Questions Jesus’s Authority.English

40. Parable of the Vineyard and Tenants.English

41. Paying Taxes to Caesar.English

42. The Last Supper.English

43. Upper Room Teaching.English

44. Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested.English

45. Peter Disowns Jesus.English

46. Jesus is Mocked and Questioned.English

47. Jesus is Brought to Pilate.English

48. Jesus is Brought to Herod.English

49. Jesus is Sentenced.English

50. Jesus Carries His Cross.English

51. Jesus is Crucified.English

52. Soldiers Gamble for Jesus’s Clothes.English

53. Sign on the Cross.English

54. Crucified Convicts.English

55. Death of Jesus.English

56. Burial of Jesus.English

57. Angels at the Tomb.English

58. The Tomb is Empty.English

59. Resurrected Jesus Appears.English

60. Great Commission and Ascension.English

61. Invitation to Know Jesus Personally.English