The Amazing Question Step 4

I used The Amazing Question several times on a trip. On a plane going from Budapest to Warsaw, I had a great conversation with a Danish businessman. He literally did not know how to answer the Amazing Question because he had no spiritual background or knowledge at all. But he was very interested. I didn’t really know what to say next at that time. When I arrived home, I sent him a link where he and his family could watch the Jesus film with Danish subtitles. 

On the next flight, I used The Amazing Question with a young man sitting next to me. He was Polish and Catholic and, in my opinion, already a believer. His answer to The Amazing Question was that he would want Jesus to give him victory over the sins that he was struggling with. It led to a short discussion the Christian life. 

In the taxi from O’Hare to my home, I asked the Muslim taxi cab driver The Amazing Question. He answered, “Health. What else does anyone older want?”  I transitioned from his answer and simply shared my personal story with him which centers around my doubts whether I could be forgiven my sin or not. He needed to hear about forgiveness of sin through Jesus. 

What about you? What is your story about using The Amazing Question to bless your neighbors?