The Amazing Question Step 2

We can bless our neighbors through praying and caring for them. But how do I begin? What do I say first? What do I say? How do I know what to pray for with my neighbor?

I want to show you a very simple way that you can pray with your neighbor. You can use a very short film clip on your mobile phone. Want to see how it is done?

What if you don’t have your phone ready, or maybe you are someplace where it is not appropriate to show a short film on your phone. You can also tell the story. Want to see an example?
Why don’t you try with your neighbor. Here’s the film clip in English. It is also available in many other languages. Tomorrow, I’ll show you more languages.
Who are the first people you would like to pray and care for? Pray for them now, and then share The Amazing Question. You will be amazed at the responses.