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Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus.  You are invited to join us at our next global GCM conference!  This is an invitation only leadership conference. 

Our past conferences have been amazing times of learning, experiencing and sharing together.  This new conference will be called Motus Dei.  It is a latin term meaning “movements of God.”  This is our prayer, desire and work to see movements of God everywhere!!

Next year’s conference will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.  We will have participants from over 125 countries, spend time praying and fasting together, hearing bible teaching from pastor Dave Gibson, explore the role of God’s empowerment as well as our empowerment of others for movement, and discuss the quality of our main outcomes.

A unique feature of this conference will be the inclusion of Regional Conferences.  The main Global Conference will be 3 ½ days and the regional conferences will be 2 days.  (See conference schedule below)   

We appreciate your prayers for this gathering. If the Lord does not build this event for His glorious purposes, we labor in vain.


Kent Du, for the Motus Dei Design Team

Key Information

Conference Overview

This conference will continue building global momentum toward our goals of seeing a church for every 1,000 people. 

We are inviting some of our best leaders in church multiplication movements, a Bible teacher to talk about empowerment, an author and movement leader to highlight key aspects of movements and videos from every area of the world capturing good examples of multiplication, partnerships, and expansion.